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YAY something from me personally! Shocking, I know. OK so I am on holiday and I have been writing. As readers of Indebted will know I am close to wrapping it up. 2 or 3 chapters and we are done. Another big chunk of my Fanfiction commitment dealt with. Now as far as Indebted goes I have something to tell you. It’s not the end of the story. It is AN end but it’s not THE end. If I wrote what I planned out 5 years ago I’d write another novel. As I am writing my own novel right now that is not feasible so I’m contenting myself to wrapping up my fanfictions and concentrating on my own work.

I highly doubt you will ever see me in print as I am writing purely to please myself but you never know… Anyway the novel stands at 10,000 words so far and probably falls into the category of post-apocalyptic fantasy. I’m trying to build a world that I find interesting. This is not an action story even though that seems to be a staple of the genre. The odd bit of violence will occur but it is in the background. My protagonist can’t even read never mind fight… the majority of the story is intrigue and politics. Not everyone’s cup of tea granted especially when I chuck in assassinations and demons 😉

Anyway, trying to unwind is proving difficult. Work seems to be haunting me still even though I’m half way through my second week of holiday. The family are well, though I’m finding it difficult to get used to husbands/sons social circle. I am far from a people person and simply do not seem to have much in common with other mothers.  They are normally nattering about fashion, shoes and how rotten men are. I think I might get infected with the cliché at any moment! I usually fix a grin on my face and did not speak unless spoken to. Nattering with hubbie has helped me put things in perspective. I think I worry about this fitting in thing too much. I’m strange; I accept that but don’t want to give my brand of crazy to my son…

Bah, people suck! Or is it just me? This is like high school all over again! Screw it. I’m me and I’m not going to apologise for it.


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  1. >>They are normally nattering about fashion, shoes and how rotten men are. I think I might get infected with the cliché at any moment!

    Sounds like the girls in one marketing class I took back in university. Just like you, I smiled and nodded politely at certain times. I cannot talk because I really don’t have anything to talk about, especially since they are talking about things I totally didn’t understand -.- Don’t worry, you are not crazy and your son will turn out as a fine man as what his parents are 🙂

    About your original story, just like old times, I would still recommend it to get it published 😉 If it’s accepted, why not? Plus, you do notice rainstardragon is actually running a publishing company now 😀 She should be able to help 😉

    It’s been years, I really haven’t had time to pick up Indebted again >_>;; (I need to start from the first again because I’ve forgotten chunks in here and there)

    Anyway, nice to actually see you writing blog again ^^ *hugs* Have a nice day 😀

  2. I’m exactly the same, others are chattering on about shoes and clothes, while I force a smile, and wander into my thoughts of what new anime I’m going to watch or how many words I’ve left to write! Just different worlds with different people!

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