Update- Indebted

OK latest chap stands at 12 pages and is currently sitting in Sherby betas inbox awaiting correction. I had to do a lot of rereading to pick up the thread again. It’s so stupidly long! I know I should have broken it up but meh what is done is done. It was just as easy to write as ever when I did get back into it. Three evenings of 2 hour sessions is all it took. Spirited Away was never that easy and my novel is also a slow goer. Then again, my novel is probably closer to my Spirited Away stuff than it is Indebted.

I’m looking forward to finishing my fanfictions… it’s time to move on. Now I must avoid the temptation to step into any other genre. I have toyed with the idea of starting others but I know i don’t do short stories or one-shots so am terrified of committing to anything new. Also my responsibilities at work are increasing. It appears now I have “sat on my rock” for four years (chinese proverb.) I’m suddenly considered someone who can get things done and am being groomed for greater things… reluctantly I might add.

I feel like a bit of a cheat. I have no burning desire for my career. I like it, but it does not consume me. It’s the same for my writing. I like writing but I have no ambition to achieve anything with it. The stories in my head simply need an outlet or I start daydreaming. (Not that I don’t do that anyway, but there is only a certain level of spacing out permissable in society and I can easily overstep that and start ignoring people altogether.)

So, new chap out soon. Will have to start going to work next week so I am all organised for the next term. This summer has been a bit of a trial. DIY in my new place and a sick toddler… almost looking forward to work.


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