Inspiration part 2 of many

Dreams- No I am totally serious! I’ve always have very clear, very lucid dreams. It was a curse when I was a child. I would often confuse what I had dreamt with real life and I have totally vile nightmares. I would force myself to stay awake for days just to avoid bad dreams.

Still, there are benefits. I can still fly in my dreams, which apparently most people grow out of. (What that says about my maturity level I don’t know.) I kept a dream diary when I was 15, I still have it! 3 notebooks full of my subconscious and I find it fascinating.

More to the point, I have had some of my best ideas from dreams and even dreamt of meeting the characters I have written about and asked them what happens to them next! (I think that may be cheating.) The novel I am working on comes from an idea that was literally dreamt up. Not sure were the story is going, I woke up before the dream reached a conclusion. Will have to see where my pen takes me 😉


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  1. I’m exactly the same way!!! My dreams are very clear and real to me. I also keep a dream diary because they’re so detailed. I have thought of using them to write short stories or other stuff too.

  2. Oh, I love your blog. I left you a tweet on twitter, but I’m not very familiar with it so I hope you got to see it. My last pregnancy and my current one have both left me with vivid dreams and while I do enjoy/remember them, I’ve never kept a journal because I always feared writing them down would make them sound too bizarre or disturbing. (I love my subconscious but I doubt others would)

  3. I cannot recall my dream anymore after I entered senior high school. Everything is fuzzy after I got up and the next 5 minutes, I can only remember the emotion it caused instead of what causing it >_>;

    • Most people are like that. You grow out of remembering most of your dreams but you can train yourself to remember them. I just do. Not so good when I have nightmares though.

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