Inspiration- part 3 of many

Books- this will be obvious, I was a total bookworm in my younger years and since I got my smartphone I am a regular kindle app customer. However, as many of you are aware I am dyslexic and started writing as a way to stick two fingers up to my learning difficulty. I hated reading through my childhood and teens and consequently by the age of 15 I had the reading/spelling age of 9. Of course I lived in a very poor part of the country and my condition was not even recognised by the education authority. I thought and my family thought I was simply thick. I got used to the label. Consistently getting 0/20 in spelling tests will make you believe crap like that.


Reading changed all that. I had a fantastic English teacher; a short Nun in her 70’s who was blind in one eye. She and a good friend of mine in class pushed me, kicking and screaming to the library in the school at any opportunity. I remember vividly grabbing a book, under duress one wet Wednesday. I picked it up because it was the thinnest. It was called Empty World. I sullenly leafed through the pages. The story was about a boy surviving a plague.


I was enchanted. The language was accessible to me and even though I struggled I really wanted to know what happened. The pages kept turning and I finished the book in a week. After that, I was hooked. There had to be more stories I liked out there and I was going to read them all! In doing so I taught myself to read in a way that was acceptable to my head. I still struggle with words I am not familiar with or have never heard spoken but I am much better than I was back then and it was Empty World that unlocked my poor brain.


So I became a voracious reader overnight. I’m going to share over the next few posts some of the “wow” moments I have experienced in reading and perhaps you will understand why I am so passionate about certain genres and why my tastes are rather niche XD


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