Inspiration part 5 of many

Wheel of time- Robert Jorden

Again, nicked off my cousin (I wander if he ever noticed?) This was an even weightier tome than Mossflower and much more the level I should have been at as I was now 16. I did struggle with it; I almost gave up after chapter 1. It is a complex book and I had never read high fantasy before, lots of new terms in languages that did not exist. However, I persevered and the first fight scene gladdened my little tomboy heart. Proper blood and gore people!

The world building and intricate history this and subsequent books wove together was to me a thing of beauty and at the same time utterly incomprehensible. I was convinced at one point that Jorden had come from an alternative universe and was now capitalising on this. I was a strange child.

I grew out of the books after a year or two. I believe there are 14 books in the series now. I felt the world had widened too much and there were too many characters and plotlines for me to care about them all. I think I got as far as book 6. That said, Wheel of time will always be a special book to me. I still have my cousins copy XD was sad when I heard of Robert Jorden’s death… I’ll certainly always remember his work fondly.


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