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I LIVE!!!!

Yeah went quiet, but for some very good reasons…


1)  Had an inspection at work. Came through it fine btw but it was a MASSIVE amount of work as well, showing what I could do. The inspector I had contact with was very nice and even let me bend her ear in private over a pilot project I had invented, trialled and was now going to be used department wide after very positive pupil feedback. (Yes I win) I had also been rushed hospital with prem labour the week before- this involved the RAF and a helicopter ride… Following on from that…

2)  I gave birth. (Not prematurely I might add.) Yes I now have two beautiful boys. Love having a newborn in the house again. What I had forgotten about from last time was the mind numbing tiredness. Last time round when my son dozed off I could sleep too. This time, when son two dozes off I still have a 3yo to entertain and look after. Husband is a god send and we operate as a tag team. However he is still working and has not been well himself of late.

3)  Second born went back into hospital. Yep, week after he was born. He was not feeding properly and so could not maintain his body temperature. So me and him spent 3 days in a children’s ward. That was entertaining. I was still bleeding from the c section. Oh and that took forever to recover from too.

So taking all the above into consideration I have been quite stressed. So far 2013 has been a crappy year with only the birth of son two to lighten it. Let’s hope it now improves!

Things have settled now, yes I am tired but starting to feel better about things and I am enjoying not working. Maternity leave actually runs out next month so I am using savings etc to stay off longer. Feel I need the time with my family and I want to ensure my husband is better before I leave him to look after two children during the day.

As for me, I started writing again both my novel and Indebted, which is very close to getting wrapped up. When it is, perhaps I will be writing an epilogue for a certain story 😉


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