Writing Prompt- 6th of March

I had to look up what freewriting was. Never don it before. My spelling and punctuation is abhorent. Dyslexia is a pain in the arse when your chosen medium of self expression is writing. I plan everything, my miond maps are a thing of complex beauty, but they keep my thoughts on track. 

I also sue evernote. GAH! I hate not being able to correct myself, this is very uncomfortable! THen again, that is why I have been doing these promts. Gets me out of my cosy written habbits and expands my skillset. 

I am sat at a random desk, chrome book open and gritting my teeth as my typos. The air conditioning is cold. Yes I do need aircon in this room in March. It gets far too hot even with all the heating turned off. Bloody modern buldings. 

I had a protien shake for lunch, very uninspired. Should help my leg recover though. I tore my claf mucel a few weeks ago and on the weekend I wrecked it again. I was jumping on a tyre. No, really I was. Sort of thing you do when you have a 7yo and 3yo sons. Really need to look after myself a bit more. 

Been going back over some stuff from my fanfiction days. I finished all stories, except one. I really should polish it off. Its hard to get back into the mindset of me in 2011 however. I’m different. I moved on and the way I write has changed. I even notice that in my novel. As it was started a few years ago the beginning and the end feel different. 

My novel… feels weird to type that. I know I’ve written the best part of a million words online as a hobbie but, I’ve never dithered and sweatted over a mere 90,000 words so much. The process has been interesting. The writing was easy enough, once I had the plan in place. The editing, that was like pulling teeth. Read, checked, read again. Put though a text to speach program twice to hear how it flows. Cut the opening, re wrote it, re wrote it again. Knocked about 10,000 words out the whole thing. Had to decide how muchback story for the characters should go in. Still not entirly happy with the opening but I don’t think I ever will be happy. I may need to insert something back in too, I may have cut too much. 

Only one person has read it in entirity so far. Really not his genera but he really enjoyed it. Going to pass it to a critical friend next, nervous as fuck about that. Still, I am going to publish this year, book two is started. 

OK, just looked at the cloclk, a minute to go. errr been a busy day, and am sad enough to use my lunch on a- oh just got passed paperwork and had to hide this doc, gah my time. Oh well-   

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