Hullo! Remember me?

I used to have a blog a few years ago, but I killed it.

I had just become a mother and was trying to hold down a career at the same time. I did not have the energy or discipline to keep a blog going.

Times have changed. Sprog is older and I’ve finished one of my big writing commitments i.e. my Courage of the spirit trilogy. So a little more time means I can once again commit my thought (I tend to only have one good one a day XD )  to the internet outside of twitter.

So, this blog will be mainly my rants and complaints about life but also reviews of games, anime, books or anything else that successfully holds my fickle interest for more than 10 minutes. This will also be the place where I talk about my writing projects.

So, to new readers, welcome. To old readers, nice to see you again.

Here we go people!