Food and Thought

Yeah updates will have to be on the weekends now because of work. Have one hell of a year ahead as far as my career is concerned. In fact tonight I have hours of planning and resources to make as well as finishing off a website I am building. *phew* I am finding it difficult at times to get a good balance between work/life/other things that need doing.

Spent most of today amusing my son and cleaning… no room in my life to even write at the moment.

One success though that I have to pat myself on the back for is food. About two months ago I took a long hard look at what we were eating as a family and realised most of it was crap. Perhaps an exaggeration but a lot of it was to save time. Stuff I could shove in the oven and in 30 min would be ready. Nothing wrong with that of course, it was not all convenience food and when I had the time I would make a real effort. I can actually cook well and I enjoy it.

So with son getting taller and hungrier as well as me and Hubbie working hard i decided we needed to feed ourselves properly. Thus, I ploughed the net for inspiration and bought a recipe book. My son has an odd quirk. With a few exceptions he does not like eating meat. I remember the day I came home with nearly £30 worth of prime sirloin steak and cooked it to perfection. My Husband, an unashamed carnivore, declared it the best he had EVER eaten. Son turned his nose up at it.

Thus it was only natural that we as a family tried to cater for all tastes. 3 to 4 meals a week, sometimes more are meat free and nearly all meals in the week are cooked from scratch.

It is a struggle at times, knowing that when I get home I am going to spend 1 to 2 hours cooking. It’s tiring but knowing we are eating well is keeping me motivated. Besides I see it as a anti stress tool. Chopping all those vegetables with a razor-sharp ceramic knife (my favourite, bought it in Japan in 08 and it is STILL the sharpest knife we have) has many therapeutic applications.

There have been a few disasters as I’ve not cooked many of these dishes before. There have also been some blinding successes. Soups in particular have become a bit of a specialty of mine.

Food bills have gone down too. Convenience food is expensive and so is meat. On the other hand the time spent planning a shopping list and actually buying what I need takes ages.

So, I am actually quite proud of us. I’ve even started cooking Japanese dishes again on a regular basis. It’s taken since 07 but I have finally cracked how to make proper tempura. NOM!

Food is Love again in this household. I might sound really anti-feminist but I am enjoying feeding the men in my life. Toddler is still a bit fussy and would eat a block of cheese for every meal if I let him. Still he does eat, eventually. He also loves to cook and I enjoy cooking with him.

He likes Mummy’s ceramic knife, he wants it. He can’t understand why Mummy won’t let him have it!

That is it for today, expect a few reviews soon as i am watching a great anime and playing a fantastic game, when I have the time!