Inspiration part 4 of many…

Awesome Wow book one came almost directly after Empty World.

Mossflower- Brian Jacques

This was published in the 1980’s but I did not read it till the early 90’s. I found it on my cousin’s shelf. It seemed all lonesome and unloved, not even a crease in the spine. I liberated it and hid under my desk (favourite reading spot) to consume it. I had never attempted something so long before. It was daunting to say the least!

It did not matter. The book enraptured me, so much so I drew doodles of the characters in my Maths book and got the book confiscated in Physics as I was reading it under the desk when I should have been concentrating on electrons. (I got it back after offering to clean the classroom.) The story had talking animals in it! OMG, talking animals! With swords, bows and slingshots! My poor brain could not take it in… The story itself is simple enough but I wanted to be Martin the Warrior. I have re-read this book 6 times and nearly all the books Brian has written in this series. Classics. Best intro to the fantasy genre.