Inspiration- part 1 of many…


Yep, still plugging away at my novel when I can, but finding time is a bit of a nightmare. 2 year old son, full time job, second child on the way and a house that does not clean itself all contribute to me being too knackered to write.

Common question I am PM’ed via or DM’ed via twitter is where I take my inspiration from. Where do I get my ideas?

Well having answered this a few times I thought I’d post a full answer here a) because I am lazy b) because I feel like writing about it tonight. That is my justification like it or lump it.

So here is a hit list of what shaped me as a writer and I suppose also as a person. Will throw in some other little odd bits because it pleases me.

1)      Music. Yeah I know, very general… but my tastes are very eclectic and I am very organised when it comes to my playlists. I have lists organised by mood. Drama, action, romance, angst etc. I find it much easier to write listening to music. The tone and tempo are important rather than the lyrics.

Sample of my Drama/action playlist. It’s much longer than this. I have something like 20 gig of music on my poor laptop. Spot the skyrim cover song!

More tomorrow 😉 If I posted all my thoughts at once the post would have 5K words!