Inspiration part… whatever… Birth of a nerd!

Star wars- various

Yes, starwars. Not the films, love them as I do. (No, from ep 4 the prequels are a SIN against the starwars vers.)

I am talking about the books for ep 4, 5 and 6. Only one was written by George Lucas (who can’t write, sorry, it’s true. Read some of his other books and found them either boring or incomprehensible.) The others, mercifully written by others. I LOVE the empire strikes back and return of the Jedi… but I took it further. There are dozens of books that come after. This was my first exposure to commercial fanfiction 😉 Truce at Bacura is one of my favourites as is Splinter of the Mind’s Eye ( no longer in print, its AU fanfiction and NO you can’t have my copy!) Loved the x-wing books too. Do you know your x wings from A wings and y wings?

This obsessive reading has steeped me in starwars trivia. Now and again I will drop into conversation what the TIE in TIE fighter stands for (Twin ion Engines btw.) and the various merits of the different ship classes, y wing as opposed to b wing etc. Personally I’d take A wing over X wing. This is the point my husband walks way to make a cup of tea or kisses me to shut me up. Trials of being married to a geek!